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Image by Tiago Filipe Alexandrino

"New Adult"

My debut chapbook is now available at Bottlecap Press!

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What happens when all your firsts happen after high school? New Adult explores a life dictated by Taylor Swift Tik Toks and empty wine bottles, first kisses and first heartbreak. It is a chapbook strife with vulnerability and pop culture references. It is about losing your innocence. It is about finding that innocence again. New Adult is the result of waking up and realizing, “Wow. I’m 21. Maybe I need a credit card…”

New Adult rose from isolation, strawberry cake at two in the morning, basement sob sessions, pink comforters, depression naps, getting broken up with on the way to McDonald's, getting catfished on Hinge, and endless reruns of High School Musical. It is a celebration of fandoms, goody-two-shoes, and Not Having Everything Figured Out. New Adult is Wollmuth’s debut chapbook. She thinks the next one will be yellow…

Image by Tiago Filipe Alexandrino


Telescope Podcast — Listen to me talk about the chapbook and my writing process!


New Adult Spotify Playlist  Listen to my curated playlist!

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